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Estonian Knitting 1
by Anu Pink, Siiri Reiman and Kristi Jõeste

Concise Knitting Dictionary

This colorful and exciting book tells the story of Estonian knitting, from the earliest finds of knitted artifacts, through traditional knitting of the 18th and 19th centuries and up to modern times. Readers will be able to learn about special items from museum collections: gloves, mittens, stockings, hats, sweaters, and more. Made for warmth in a cold Northern climate and also for adornment, these knitted articles of folk clothing tell the tale of a country whose passion for handcraft and tradition is strong.

Included are discussions and instructions for every known technique in Estonian traditional knitting, from special cast-ons, to traveling stitches to a unique inlay technique called Roosimine or Roositud.

This is the first volume of a three volume set. Watch for volume 2, Socks and Stockings and volume 3, Mittens and Gloves in the future.

Hard cover.......$90.00

Pattern Puppets
By Anu Raud and Anu Kotli

This book, first published in Estonian under the title Kiri Kari is now available in English. These patterned puppets were born when Anu Raud came up with an idea for how to teach Estonian children about their traditions. It is a wonderful collection of patterns for knitted puppets, from dogs to bears to cats, sheep, chickens and even a fox or two. There are detailed instructions on how to make each animal and a whole section of Estonian color work patterns to chose from for their ‘clothes’. The patterns are supplemented with folk stories about the various animals.

This book is a real treasure!

Soft cover.......$45.00

Knitted Shawls of Aasa Jõelaid
By Aasa Jõelaid and Siiri Reimann

This is yet another wonderful book about Haapsalu Lace from one of their own master knitters. Aasa has been knitting lace since her youth and has excelled at the traditional techniques of Haapsalu lace knitting as well as designing many patterns that have become mainstays in the dictionary of Haapsalu lace patterns. With over 50 patterns, this book is a treasure chest of technique and ideas.

Hard cover.......$55.00

Väike kudumissõnastik/Concise Knitting Dictionary
Inglise-Eesti Eesti-Inglise English-Estonian Estonian-English

Concise Knitting Dictionary

This small book is packed with important information for an English speaker interested in learning about Estonian knitting and desiring to follow patterns in Estonian or for those Estonian speakers who would like to follow knitting patterns in English.

Published by Saara, this book not only offers almost any possible word used in knitting, there is a section describing the meaning of charted symbols in both languages.

This book will be a very useful tool for anyone interested in Estonian knitting.

Soft cover.......$10.00

Ornamented Journey
by Kristi Jõeste and Kristiina Ehin

This lush book is really two books in one, the first part, created by well-known Estonian writer Kristiina Ehin is a series of stories, taken from folk tale, from memory and from her imagination that are bound together by hand knitting and by song, another beloved aspect of Estonian life. Kristiina’s words are illustrated by Kristi’s beautiful knitted gloves.

The second part is a tutorial about Kristi’s gloves, where her inspiration comes from and how she knits gloves. Her inspiration is illustrated by items that Kristi has been drawn to in the collection of the Estonian National Museum and the tutorial covers some of the intricate techniques for making Kristi’s traditional, inspired gloves. These instructions include Kristi’a method of casting on, several interesting cuff treatments, and thoughts on creating a thumb and fingers.

This book is a delight for the mind, eye and also fingers. It offers inspiration for knitting wonderful gloves and also insight into Estonian culture.

Hard cover.......$45.00

Haapsalu rätt -- The Haapsalu Scarf
Square and Triangular Scarves from Estonia
By Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi

Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi, authors of the popular Haapsalu Shawl book, have created a new collection of patterns from Haapsalu. This beautiful new book contains history and techniques for making square and triangular scarves. With Estonian and English under one cover, this book will be a delight for Estonian and English readers alike.

With over 70 patterns for lacy scarves, this book is a treasure-trove of designs and ideas. All the patterns are for completed scarves, with graphed borders, centers and edges for each scarf all with easy to read symbols. There are also clear notes about construction and special techniques.

Included is some history of the lace tradition in Haapsalu, especially as it relates to the square and triangular scarves. As in Siiri and Aime’s first book, this is more than a working book, but it is also a coffee table book, with beautiful images to delight the eye.
Hard cover.......$85.00 (NOTE: Currently unavailable August 1, 2015)

The Haapsalu Shawl
A Knitted Lace Tradition from Estonia
By Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi

In 2009, a wonderful thing happened in Estonia. The knitting masters in Haapsalu, home to an exquisite lace tradition, saw the publication of their own book. This new, beautiful book, by Siiri Reimann and Aime Edasi, now translated to English, covers the history of the town of Haapsalu, the history of the lace knitting tradition and, perhaps the best part of all, are the over 100 center patterns collected during a lifetime of knitting.

These patterns, along with nine more for lace edges, are clearly photographed in color, as well as graphed, with easy to read symbols. Included as well are detailed instructions for making a traditional Haapsalu sall (shawl), with all the technical aspects well described and illustrated. While there are no actual patterns for individual shawls, the instructions will allow any knitter who loves lace to create their own Haapsalu shawl.

Beyond being a book to learn from, it is also a coffee table book, with color photographs which illustrate the text and help to tell the story of this wonderful tradition.

Hard cover.......$70.00