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World’s Smallest Sock Blocker – a Handy Needle Gauge!

Personalized especially for us, this wooden needle gauge is in the shape of a sock blocker, with an opening at the top to attach it to a chain or ribbon. the best thing about this gauge is that it contains every metric size, from 2.0mm to and all the corresponding US sizes as well, from 0 to 13, including two #1’s (2.25mm and 2.5mm) and two #3’s (3.0mm and 3.25mm) to allow for the ‘in-between’ metric sizes of needles that we have no equivalent for in our US sizes.

This is a very useful tool — $10.00

Stitch Keeper

Traveling with double pointed needles can be difficult; they get pulled out of your work or stick through your bag. Stitch Keepers will solve the problem! The cups hold the points of the needles even when they are carrying stitches, keeping the needles together and stitches safe. Thanks to an enterprising knitter/jewelry maker we can offer these great gadgets.

Available in three sizes, the smallest will work for all five size 0 to 3 needles, the largest for up to a set of size 7. Five lengths available for all of your dp needles; 4", 5", 6", 8", and 10".

Please specify chosen length and cup size. $6.50 each

Knitter's Pins

These coil-less pins are great tools for marking stitches or certain places in your knitting. Use them to keep count as you decrease for the leg of a sock or increase up a sleeve. Use them to mark repeats in a lace pattern or to hold stitches for a thumb hole on a mitten.

Available in three sizes: 3/4” 1.1/4” and 2” (please specify size desired)
20 to a pack for ................$2.60 each

Zippered Plastic Project Bags

If you are like me you've got 'several' projects, dispersed in 'several' baskets around your living space. We now have available useful and necessary Plastic Bags (not pictured) for carrying, storing and generally keeping your knitting clean and organized.The gadget bag is perfect of holding your 'gadgets' and the heavy duty, zippered bags, like the ones blankets or fine pillow cases come in are a real plus or those neat nicks of us who really hate it when our knitting yarn rolls away across the floor and is retrieved covered in dog hair.
In three sizes:
gadget bag measures 4 7/8" high by 81/2" wide for $2.50
small measures 10" high by 8" wide with a 3" gussett for $1.60
large measures 14" high by 12" wide with a 4" gusset for $3.10

Sock Blocker

This unique style of sock blocker will do the trick for finishing your hand knit socks. Each pair comes with two different size 'feet'. Made of Baltic birch with multiple coats of a moisture barrier finish, they are the best way to complete your precious sock projects. Choose from 7 1/2" and 8", 8 1/2" and 9", 9 1/2" and 10" or 10 1/2" and 11" long feet. Each set includes two blockers of the same size range.

Sock Blockers $28.00/pair

Wanda Hook–Points

These exquisite tools will become a lace knitters new best friend. With a point on one end and a hook at the other, you will have whichever tool necessary for any repair job that comes up.

Of course this little tool will be handy for any knitter. The set includes 3 sizes, between a US 2 and 3 (3mm), 6 (4mm) and 10 (6mm).

Choose from ebony or bone. $12.00/set

Crochet Hook and Needle Gauge

This plastic gauge offers needle sizes from an 8-0, which is very rare these days, to a 35. 8-0 to 35 $5.00

Perfect Needle

The Pefect Needle for attaching the outer edge to an Haapsalu Shawl!.

This long needle is the best tool I have found for sewing the edge onto an Haapsalu Shawl or Scarf. 4.5" long, it is long enough to gather up many stitches, but not too long to be uncomfortable to use. The 'point' is actually a small ball tip, making it easy to enter the complete stitch without snagging or splitting your yarn.

For more about sewing the edge onto an Haapsalu Shawl, see my book Knitted Lace of Estonia and the accompanying DVD or check out my Craftsy Class Estonian Lace Explained.

This is a very useful tool -- $2.50.